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Better than the Indian version

Publié par Reviewer3294162 le Nov 23, 2011

I read a few reviews of people comparing it to the 'better' version they have tried in India. I ordered this toothpaste here and really loved it, but I read all those reviews, and I coincidentally happened to come across the Indian version in a store which I immediatly bought because of those praises. I was extremely disappointed! The Indian version has a higher level of menthol and basically tastes like a typical Colgate with a hint of anise. It foams very fast and has no herbal feel at all, it actually taste and feel chemical. On the pack itself it doesn't have the organic label, and the ingredient list seem chemical to me (although I am not an expert). If this product was Americanized (as one review says), then it was for the better, and the version found here is by far a completely different and superior product than the Indian original one.

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Excellent toothpaste

Publié par sonlyk le Feb 23, 2011

Excellent toothpaste with very good taste and a very good filling of cleanliness. You clean your teeth in the morning and despite the things that you eat all day at night you still feel them as the have just been washed.

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My favorite toothpaste

Publié par Jarousek le Mar 12, 2012

After going through a seminar on Wellness, I decided to search for "a healthy, non-toxic toothpaste". I found this one on and after using it for several weeks, this is my favorite toothpaste. It tastes good and yo have a clean feeling in your mouth. above all, it doe not have any toxic chemicals in it, like conventional toothpaste.

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Dental Upgrade

Publié par 5682343403006587001 le Sep 19, 2012

Repeat customer says it all...

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One of a kinda

Publié par Does-it-do le Nov 07, 2013

I've used this toothpaste for a year or so. The problem spots in my gums that used to bleed don't bleed anymore, and my dental hygienist has been very impressed. Also, my teeth are quite sensitive, so I can't use toothpaste that contains sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This toothpaste doesn't have it. It also doesn't have flouride, which is fine with me, but it might be a concern for some people. The price may seem high, but a little of this toothpaste goes a long way--just a squirt the size of a pea is sufficient.

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Realy nice and safe toothpaste

Publié par 4891934420336643439 le Oct 18, 2013

My husband was thrilled with this product. Excellent quality ingredients. Για την τιμή της η οδοντόκρεμα είναι εξαιρετική. Εδώ, οι οδοντόκρεμες του είδους έχουν τουλάχιστον την διπλάσια αξία.

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Publié par NatureLove le May 04, 2015

Delightful aternative to the normal toothpast poisoning we were exposed unknowingly for so many years! There is still a minor coconut derived sulfate in this paste, yet all in all it is more than excellent for price, quality & quantity ratio. The peppermint taste is nice and the teeth seemt to be better cleaned than with earthpast another natural toothpaste I like (so I rotate these two products) and use oil pulling for overal oral/tooth health. 2015 Update: I prefer Auromere licorice toothpaste at the moment - as it takes naturally tea stains off - amazing - natural all in one product - various flavors available. That being said - if you do not need teeth cleaning per say this toothpaste is still good.

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Publié par Reviewer2915199 le May 23, 2015

This is good toothpaste for adult and its not too strong for childrens. Good product.

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very good!

Publié par Reviewer2356201 le Dec 16, 2011

i did a lot of searching, trying to find a good xylitol toothpaste. i'd been using spry because it was easy - they have it at the local health food store. but when i was getting ready to order from iherb, i came across reviews that had me looking elsewhere. this one had several mixed reviews, but i thought i'd try it anyway. when i went to the dentist a few months later for my annual exam, they specifically asked me what i'd been doing different...they said my mouth looked great! yay! no bad reviews here!

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I like it!

Publié par Reviewer1653116 le Jul 07, 2011

It's a great tooth paste! very glad i found it. If you like your teeth and gums and would like to keep them in great shape, i recommend this product

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