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Minty fresh toothpaste but not for sensitive teeth

Publié par 5439232587545212004 le Apr 21, 2014

Don’t expect neem or pomegranate taste in it. It was deemed an effective cleaner with a nice smooth texture. It is easy to squeeze out from tube. I've never been a big fan of the strong mints in my toothpaste and this one is absolutely the best I've ever tried. They leave you minty fresh taste. I have sensitive teeth, this tooth paste not suitable for my sensitive teeth. This product Made in India with very nice packaging. As always, personal taste will vary.

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Awful taste

Publié par Reviewer3302472 le Dec 19, 2011

Didnt like this taste at all. It reminded me of, well -i have no idea, but i didnt like it.

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Did it change?

Publié par Reviewer1213185 le Feb 25, 2015

I loved this toothpaste before, made my teeth white, my mouth didn't smell even the next day (morning) my teeth was healthy without any problems and I loved that this didn't have any fluoride in it. However, the last time I ordered this, gave me a tooth ace and also the taste is sweeter then before.. did the formula change?? My bf also says the same and he has pain in his teeth. I'm using another toothpaste now and it solved the problem but its such a shame, this was really good..

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No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), but

Publié par Reviewer2156018 le Apr 10, 2014

Some people get sores in their mouth from SLS, so I was happy to find this, so I was surprised to see they put in carrageenan what seems to be cancer causing. Before when I ate ice cream and whipped cream I was able to find them without carrageenan, but now a days every ice cream seems to have carrageenan. This has glycerin in it but there are 2 views on that against and pro. So far I have not found any perfect toothpaste without SLS, carrageenan and fluoride. Glycerin I don't know what to think about.

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이것도 너무달고 ..

Publié par 5581321513494197796 le Apr 10, 2015

이곳치약들 대부분 자이리톨 아스파탐같은 인공감미료를너무 많이쓰는듯... 제이슨도 너무달고 이것도... 달고 물파스맛이나고 별루네요. 역시 데저트민트가 유일하게 덜달고 덜묽고 딱좋네요... 데저트민트 한번써보세요 약간약맛이나긴한데 달지않고 처음느낌도좋고 뒤끝도좋고 최곱니다.

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Awful taste

Publié par AdelinaRadu le Jul 11, 2014

I'm not normally picky about the taste of an toothpaste as I obviously understand the ingredients are more important, but the taste of this one is awful, I will not order this product again!

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First try

Publié par Reviewer1910610 le Aug 03, 2010

Not bad. I was looking for sumudu ayurvedic toothpaste, couldn't find it on-line and pruchased this one instead. Not bad at all, although not as good as sumudu.

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Me horripila

Publié par MusaEnferma le Jul 18, 2014

La estoy usando días contados para ir gastándola pero es horrible. Tiene sabor a ceniza de tabaco y el olor se queda en la boca después de usarla.

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why not south korea?

Publié par Reviewer2627445 le Sep 09, 2014

So Annoying -_-

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Teeth sensitivity

Publié par 4865991019844053040 le Sep 11, 2014

I actually didn't mind the taste of this toothpaste. It is quite unique - medicine/tea tree perhaps, really hard to define but it is not your typical mint flavour. What I had a problem with was developing teeth sensitivity. I stopped using it for awhile and it went away. I tried it again and sure enough, the sensitivity returned.

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