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Not for Australian residents

Publié par debraananda le Jun 02, 2011

I tried to get this product into Australia but it was stopped by Australian Customs and seized as forfeited goods, so Australian residents forget it. The Ingredient Xylitol is prohibited in Australia.

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don't like the taste

Publié par 4754108768665679589 le Apr 08, 2014

Smell like I just brushed my teeth with paint remover, turpentine or thinner as u call it :-) my fren said it smells like insecticide in his mouth. i think its the unique smell of neem.

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Gross smell and taste

Publié par 5583177849626368683 le Apr 28, 2014

I tried brushing with this paste and had to spit it our right away. The taste is horrible.

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Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Botanique, Toothpaste...

Publié par 5567612649599071554 le Apr 04, 2014

My first negative review - but the 'after-taste' is just terrible. It is unpleasant (like a heavy metal taste) to me, hence I wouldn't purchase again.

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No way!

Publié par Reviewer2471975 le Mar 06, 2012

Terrible taste, no work done, no good taste afterwards, really nothing! Even my dentist said, there is some ingredient missing, which is essential against caries etc.

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Tastes disgusting

Publié par Reviewer1793819 le Jan 21, 2014

I couldn't even use it up to the end - never got used to its taste.

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Publié par Reviewer2959412 le May 09, 2014

I used it a couple of times but i thought it tasted awful. There are obviously alot of people who have 5starred it but i personally did not care for it. I ended up tossing an almost full tube

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Does not feel fresh

Publié par 5486322378946970783 le May 12, 2014

Gross taste - discontinued after a couple times.

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Publié par Reviewer2544596 le May 12, 2014

Thought it tasted of oil. threw it out.

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Can this still be called an ayurvedic toothpaste?

Publié par Justnatural le May 15, 2014

Since I am trying to have always an ayuredic toothpaste, I was very happy to try this one with the special price 2,95$. Like many complained here aubout the "Americanization" of this toothpaste, they may have right. I didn't try the one from India, but I know the European Himalaya toothpaste very good! I have been using the European for almost a year. THIS one is such a disappointment,it tastes like the commercial ones. It's white and has a peppermint flavor. It reminds me on the toothpaste from the grocery. The taste in the mouth at the morningis really strange. I am wondering if it's still an ayurvedic toothpaste? I do not have a good teeth quality, no matter how good I keep the mouth hygiene, I am always having issues with my teeth. Few days ago I was at my dentist to check my teeth and everything was fine with them. I don't know if it's "caused" by the toothpaste but I will definitely continue with the "European" one or the one from Auromere. The Ingredients in the European version are:Pomegranate, Toothache Tree, Arabic Tree, Triphala, False Black Pepper, Five-leaved Chaste Tree, Neem and other... The only good thing is that this product is SLS free. I'm so sorry, i really like the brand Himalaya, but this paste I will not buy again.

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