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Menopause insomnia saver

Publié par Reviewer2650926 le May 13, 2008

Heel BHI, Calming has been my answer to those periods of sleepless nights I've experienced the last few years (I'm 55). Insomnia is common during menopause and Calming under the tongue at bedtime helps me relax without feeling druged in the morning. It is also helpful on those days when everything just seems like it's too much. It calmly calms.

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Heel BHI, calming

Publié par Reviewer1603978 le Jul 31, 2008

This medication is very calming to your body. I use it at night when my thoughts are racing and during the day if I am anxious about anything. Being homeopathic, it is very safe and not addictive.

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Truly effective for me.

Publié par Galensmom le Dec 29, 2011

As I age, I notice middle of the night wakening, tension. I then take one tablet and I fall back asleep again, relaxed, feel rested in the am. Before bed, if needed, it makes me sleepy within 15 minutes and allows me to just drop off. It works so well I am ordering again.

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Very happy

Publié par tinatherese le Mar 06, 2012

I take these if I have problems falling asleep and it has worked every time will now:)

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One of the few that works!

Publié par HealthandBeautyGirl le Feb 04, 2014

I have severe insomnia, this is one of the few homeopathic compositions that actually helps me. This is my main go to rememdy when I can't fall asleep, it usually works. The odd time it doesn't, I go to another composition called sleep aid by Nelsons.

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I was skeptic at first.

Publié par Reviewer1974609 le Dec 21, 2007

This product if taken at least 3 times a day, actually calms you and not to the point of being tired.

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Very helpful!

Publié par Reviewer1626386 le Jul 09, 2008

Very effective and safe for children and adults too (great for anxiety during daytime).

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Love this

Publié par Reviewer1333587 le Aug 04, 2009

I have tried other homeopathic calming products but this one is the best. I use this when I have too much running through my head at bedtime. It calms me and puts me right to sleep. No grogginess in the morning either.

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Finally, I can sleep better.

Publié par Reviewer2629949 le Sep 29, 2009

This is the first time that I have ordered Heel BHI, Calming. I ordered it to help me be calm and to sleep better. I feel that it has helped me and I will be buying it again. I prefer the homeopathic medication as to the over the counter or prescription medications.

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It works!

Publié par Reviewer2366661 le Mar 14, 2009

Amazing homeopathic. Really brought noticible results. My B/P calmed down. Calm in TX

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