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best kids vitamin hands down

Publié par 5057414847178943751 le Feb 07, 2015

I researched everydoids vitamin available. This one is non gmo, has a probiotic in it, an organic blend of whole foods and has no extra iron. My kids both love it. I have a son who is a 4 yr old stage 4 neuroblastoma survivor and a 7 yr old daughter. They both take 2 chewables every night before bed and I couldn't be happy with the product. It is a little pricey for 2 kids because the probiotic is already in it, but it really saves us money, rather than buying a separate probiotic, which we used to do.

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expensive vitamins kids REFUSE to take

Publié par ritavaags le May 22, 2014

For nutrient content, this would get five stars but what good is the nutrient content if kids REFUSE to take it? I have four young children (ages seven and under) and they love vegetables and other wholesome foods but they cannot tolerate the taste of these vitamins. It feels short of a punishment to them when I hand them one and they are coughing, sputtering and asking if they can just eat vegetables instead! Kudos, Garden of Life, for the intention but this was an expensive bottle of vitamins I had to throw out due to taste.

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Publié par Reviewer3195298 le Feb 02, 2011

I can't say anything about the health benefits of these because my kids couldn't choke them down - they are chalky taste horrible. Disappointing.

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Quality vitamins, but all my kids HATE them and can barely choke them down

Publié par Reviewer2028960 le Feb 23, 2011

Quality vitamins, but all my kids HATE the taste and can barely choke them down.

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Excellent Choice

Publié par Reviewer1470253 le Mar 31, 2011

My children love these and I love that I can get these vitamins that are pure and not full of rubbish.

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Love this

Publié par Reviewer2650760 le May 09, 2011

I love garden of life products and this is no exception. My daughter likes the taste (after a bit of getting used to) and the ingredients are very good quality.

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Publié par Reviewer3172091 le Jun 12, 2011

My toddler really loved these! He's actually now looking forward to lunch-time and he agrees to eat everything on his plate just to get the two bears in the end! :)

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Great way to get those natural and essential vitamins and minerals

Publié par Reviewer2858155 le Sep 05, 2011

Contrary to some other reviews, my children do not have a problem taking these. In fact, my youngest looks forward to his new early morning ritual. Eldest child did not favor the taste particularly, but still found them easy enough to take. Nice and natural, just what I have been looking for.

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Publié par danielledonohue le Jun 19, 2012

My 2 yr old loves these vitamins! I love how natural the ingredients are. Garden of Life is one of the only brands I trust when it comes to multivitamins. My kids rarely get sick when taking their multivitamins from Garden of Life!

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My son loves these.

Publié par Reviewer2833814 le Jan 07, 2013

Since my son has been taking these, he rarely gets sick. When he does, he is only sick for a day. Most other vitamins for kids are high in sugar and lack a lot of the essentials they need. I love how these vitamins are whole food, being that the nutrients are in it's natural form, rather than synthesized like regular vitamins. Some children may not like the flavor, however my son loves the taste. I tried one myself and was please with the flavor. It has a cherry taste mixed with greens (not overpowering).

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