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it is a protein bar, after all

Publié par Reviewer3033335 le Feb 22, 2009

This bar is very "chocolaty" and it's consistency is very dense (similar to a powerbar) and chewey. It is a better choice than a multitude of bars out there, especially since it does not contain junk protein like soy, but it is not particularly tasty IMHO.

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beware the changes to this bar

Publié par Reviewer3278266 le Jan 06, 2009

The recipe for these bars has been modified. The new packaging says "improved taste." I loved the chewy quality of the original bars. These now have an entirely new texture that is not nearly as satisfying.

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Not so great

Publié par Reviewer2861035 le Mar 10, 2009

VERY tough and chewy. Had to follow with a hot cup of tea to get the sticky black stuff off my teeth. Certainly cannot eat as a quick lunch at my desk at work. Also, not to thrilled with the flavor. They do satisfy your hunger, but I will not be ordering again. I will look for a different protein/meal replacement bar instead.

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these are okay

Publié par Reviewer1388769 le Apr 22, 2008

...better than some, worse than others. The more you chew them, the better. I don't think I will buy them again.

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Just another protein bar

Publié par Reviewer3061810 le Oct 11, 2008

I keep looking for something high protein without that same stick texture or odd aftertaste. Unfortunately, this isn't it.

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