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it is a protein bar, after all

Publié par Reviewer3033335 le Feb 22, 2009

This bar is very "chocolaty" and it's consistency is very dense (similar to a powerbar) and chewey. It is a better choice than a multitude of bars out there, especially since it does not contain junk protein like soy, but it is not particularly tasty IMHO.

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Chocolate Macadramia Nut Crunch Bar - Very Good

Publié par Reviewer2435456 le Apr 15, 2008

This bar has a good tasste - a little after taste, but still very good. It leaves you feeling satisfied hunger wise, unlike some food bars. I love the macadamia crunch. Overall, it is very good.

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arden of Life, Perfect Weight America, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Crunch, 12 Bars (1.94 oz / 55 mg

Publié par Reviewer1006818 le Oct 26, 2008

While this is a high quality product with excellent ingredients and good tasting, it is a "stick-to-your-teeth chewy (like caramels or taffy) protein bar and lacks any real "crunch". For this reason, I probably won't order it again. Perhaps the company will improve on the texture.

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beware the changes to this bar

Publié par Reviewer3278266 le Jan 06, 2009

The recipe for these bars has been modified. The new packaging says "improved taste." I loved the chewy quality of the original bars. These now have an entirely new texture that is not nearly as satisfying.

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Publié par Reviewer3345465 le May 22, 2008

Very good, especially for those folks that like chocolate

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my favorite "healthy" bar :D

Publié par glutenfreegirl le Feb 23, 2011

These are a guilty pleasure of mine. Clean healthy ingredients and delicious taste. Doesn't do much for weight loss unless you replace it with a larger meal. But it is satisfying and I often eat one with my morning cup of coffee.

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Weight control

Publié par Reviewer1409249 le Apr 23, 2009

The taste is good and they fill me up.

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Delicious chocolate and protein all rolled into one

Publié par cameronday le Sep 06, 2009

The only problem with these bars is they disappear so fast because they are so good.

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Not so great

Publié par Reviewer2861035 le Mar 10, 2009

VERY tough and chewy. Had to follow with a hot cup of tea to get the sticky black stuff off my teeth. Certainly cannot eat as a quick lunch at my desk at work. Also, not to thrilled with the flavor. They do satisfy your hunger, but I will not be ordering again. I will look for a different protein/meal replacement bar instead.

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these are okay

Publié par Reviewer1388769 le Apr 22, 2008

...better than some, worse than others. The more you chew them, the better. I don't think I will buy them again.

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