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Alternative To Other Baked Shadows

Publié par lillysbeautyspot le Jun 25, 2013

Great alternative to higher end baked eyeshadows without the cost (I have this same review for the California Palette and would say that I prefer the California Palette as it is a palette with Warmer Shades and this has Cool Shades); I prefer to use these eyeshadows wet as there is less fall out and hence the reason I have not given it 5 stars. If you do use the shadows dry then use a really good primer and either place powder under your eye or hold a tissue so that it doesn't wreck your makeup/foundation. Alternatively do your eye makeup first and then apply e eyeshadow. I would recommend giving this a go if you haven't tried baked eyeshadows before =)

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Lovely product

Publié par 5015386754281902760 le Aug 02, 2013

Quite lovely product! For this price very good!

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Publié par 5703189601016420005 le Aug 30, 2014

these are great, anyone that says they don't work/no pigment isn't using them right. WET THEM! THEY ARE BAKED EYESHADOWS! OR EVEN JUST PRIMER IT WORKS A CHARM!

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love the colors

Publié par 4805005606194499539 le Nov 19, 2013

So nice pigmentation! For the price it is really good eyeshadow palette!

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Publié par 5409876529489665832 le Sep 13, 2014

Great colours, very pigmented, all shimmery but because their baked if you want a light application apply with a brush, if you want more vibrant colour you'll need your finger or the eyeshadow sponge tips.

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i like it :)

Publié par 4888927002333127560 le Feb 02, 2015

i like it :)

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Publié par 5620940400751971513 le Mar 18, 2015

Beautiful colors

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Won me over on the 2nd try!

Publié par JotheBeautyTherapist le Jul 03, 2015

Initially, I wasn't sold on this palette, there were no reviews when I bought it, so I was flying blind where baked eyeshadows were concerned. I tried to brush the eyeshadow on as I normally would & I got next to no product from any of the colours. There were no product instructions to indicate that baked eyeshadows should be used any differently to other eyeshadows, so I had no idea what I was doing wrong, but by now there was feedback from others suggesting they should be used wet. I wasn't 100% convinced, but they did seem to work wet - The big surprise was that once I'd wiped the palette down & let it dry, the very next time I used it, the colours worked perfectly well DRY! I figured there must've been some kind of film on the surface of the colours to protect them, because I bought 2 different palettes in this range & they both reacted the same way when new & once they'd been wiped down, the colours could be used both dry & wet. There is plenty of pigment in the eyeshadows, they go on nice & soft - even softer than the regular range, there's a pearlised lustre thru them & the enclosed mirror is quite a reasonable size. All in all, I think they're great. I'm going to buy the final palettes in the range too, but I've only given 4 stars because of a little bit of fallout & also I think they ought to put some kind of instructions or explanation on the packaging - my 2 palettes came quite close to being returned until I stumbled across a solution to make them work.

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Affordable and beautiful

Publié par 5403922373701996006 le Jan 02, 2015

The color builds gradually so you can control the intensity-I love it

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Publié par 5266771267911498960 le Dec 08, 2013

the texture is a little different,like a powder

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