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Made a world off difference - saved my sanity.

Publié par Reviewer2680726 le janv. 06, 2012

I can see now that I was quite depressed - too depressed and demotivated to get myself to a doctor. Luckily I read about SamE and started taking it. I feel like a different person - I am happy, motivated and energetic - the total opposite of what I was a month ago. Noticed it working after about 1 week-10 days. I take 1 tablet 1/2 hr before food in the morning. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Iherbs price is great and so is their service - just don't try airmail to Australia - I have done that before and it takes weeks...

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excellent sleep aid

Publié par Reviewer1799983 le déc. 29, 2011

This amino acid really is helpful when it comes to sleep. I take two of these about one hour before I plan to fall asleep. In our family we all have problems with anxiety, which interferes with sleep. I now fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. Highly recommended!I also take one mg of melatonin, as well.

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Works! Lift's your mood and takes away joint and back pain.

Publié par Reviewer1767397 le oct. 20, 2011

I ordered Doctor's Best SAM-e 400 mg at iHerb for delivery to Sweden, cause you can't get it here. I take it against lower back pain and affective seasonal disorder (cause it get's very dark here in northern Europe in winter, for long and cold 7 months!). It works very good, joints are aching much less and my mood is really good. SAM-e is wonderful stuff and I recommend it strongly.

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SAM-e for joints and mood

Publié par Reviewer1134057 le oct. 25, 2011

This SAM-e is great for joint mobility and mood. I have recently read that it might be better for me to take a 200mg twice a day as opposed to taking a 400mg once per day. I will try that next time I order.

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DB sam-e

Publié par Reviewer1034669 le juin 24, 2011

I have been using this product for a couple of years now. I have mild depression that can affect my mood if left untreated. I tried taking prescription antidepressants but it just seemed like too much. Also, both separate times I took prescriptions my male pattern balding went on overdrive. Sam-e gives me just the amount of mood boost I need and doesn't make my hair fall out. Win-win. This brand has always been the least expensive and it works well.

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SAM-e Doctor's Best

Publié par 5566671631608082867 le févr. 15, 2014

I am familiar with SAM-e. I used to take it and it always worked for me. I bought Doctor's Best double strengths because of a good price and reviews. I ordered a package twice. It did not seem to work, giving me usual perk right away but I thought maybe I needed more time.I doubled the dose but felt no difference. I ordered another package for me and another family member without sharing with her that it did not seem to work well this time. She told me immediately that it did not work for her. She took another brand and felt immediate difference. I switched to another brand and felt that it worked right away. Is there anything wrong with the batches of Doctor's Best that can be ordered at this web site? The price is really low as compared to other brands so maybe there is a reason for it. It is first time when I felt that SAM-e did not work.

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Great product!

Publié par Reviewer1546454 le oct. 18, 2011

I have had trouble with low energy and brainfog the last years. I have tried many supplements, but SAM e has saved my life so far. It has works fast, but it`s so expensive because I take 1200 mg pr. day!! My doctor at a private clinic here in Norway says that i`m undermethylated and therefore has a lack in neurotransmitters in the brain. Sam e gave me a new life in 7 days!!!

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Excerptional Product

Publié par Reviewer1805827 le juil. 26, 2011

This is an exceptional healing product. I have Post-Polio Syndrome, Stiffness,increased lack of mobility, pain,weakness and its attending depression and fear. WIthin ten days of taking this once a day along with BioAstin (three a day) my stiffness was gone. My pain and stiffness is gone, my stride has elongated along with a fluidity of motion I haven't experienced in fifteen years. I am very grateful for this healing product.

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nothing different

Publié par Reviewer2510336 le août 22, 2011

I have been taking SAMe 400 for 3 weeks now. So far I have not felt any improvement :-(

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Doctor's Best SAMe 400

Publié par Reviewer2177992 le oct. 23, 2011

Seems to work on my wife's arthritis and also brings a smile to her day. Life is much more enjoyable for her now!!

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