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It worked fine for my joints!!!

Publié par 4848734342951828005 le déc. 24, 2014

I took this product together with Doctor's Best Collagen type I and III and I can tell that they work! My knees, fingers, lower back suffered from pain so much, that it kept me awake a lot of nights. Walking was sometimes a stress, fingers were hurting to the extent, that holding full cup of tea was a problem. Since I took this product for a month now, all these problems are gone and I recommended them to my other older sisters having similar issues. My sister is taking it for a week now and she says that all problematic joints are acking and I explained to her that it's normal and she will feel relief in few weeks after use. I had same feelings first couple of weeks, and felt relief on third week, now I feel like I'm 20! If you found this review helpful, please press Yes below.

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joint & skin & eye health

Publié par kozo275090 le mars 07, 2012

The new product of Doctor's Best. I was suffering from knee pain three weeks ago. Since 5 days after starting to take this, I've been able to play tennis perfectly.

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Best for joint pain

Publié par Cindyblase le juin 10, 2012

I had been using Glucosamine-Controitin after double knee scoping surgery and a massive tear rotator cuff surgery, but this product with the Hyaluronic-Acid, made the difference. I believe the Hyaluronic Acid was the key to eliminating all pain.

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Great for Arthritis Pain

Publié par Reviewer2807001 le août 26, 2013

My doctor said to take MSM and Glucosamine Sulfate. Other forms of Glucosamine are out there, but they don't work. This formulation does. I tried another brand's formula, but it made me nauseated. This one doesn't. So far, no more cortisone shots needed in my shoulders, either. This product is a Godsend. Doctor's Best is, indeed, the best.

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great for helping with arthritis and anti-aging

Publié par Reviewer1876891 le août 24, 2013

I take this supplement regularly and I rarely feel arthritis pain any more. It took about a year to reverse the serious arthritis damage I had but I feel pretty good now. Anyone over 50 should take this to rebuild bone and cartilage. I use this in conjunction with Neocell, Super Collagen for skin, hair, nails and joint support.

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It helps to a certain extent

Publié par Reviewer2441352 le nov. 20, 2014

My wife has been taking this product for years, need I say more?

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At last something good

Publié par 5762167342573588339 le janv. 18, 2014

It's really good & I can feel its effect, I just hope if they can bottles with more doses, also if they can make the dose less pills.

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Hard to say

Publié par 5574639932455245180 le nov. 28, 2015

I used this product for 2-3 weeks, after just a few days i felt an improvement and my joints, especially knees felt better.. They felt stronger, less pain and i had a lot of fun again by driving my MTB. BUT, in the same time i had horrible gases and first i did not know why they came. Later i concluded that the cause was this product so i had to stop taking it. I gave it to my brother and he had no problem with it. Great product but unfortunately not for me

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Great product!

Publié par 5384549403359861161 le nov. 27, 2013

I am using this product for a few weeks, and the pain in my joints is much less.

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Doctor's Best, Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM = Hyaluronic Acid

Publié par Reviewer1893912 le juil. 25, 2014

Great combination of ingredients. Good price. Good size of capsules.

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