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This actually does seem to help...

Publié par Reviewer1222447 le Jan 09, 2010

This digestive aid does seem to help. I have always struggled against the common "logic" that directs us toward reducing stomach acids when experiencing digestive upsets. If I have "stomach" issues, I seem to tolerate a V8 juice better than any other liquid. Contrary to common wisdom, you would think that the acidity would cause rather than resolve issues with reflux or indigestion. However, I have found in using this product that my food seems to break down more efficiently and progress through the stomach sooner. It would seem that retaining a volume of unprocessed retained foods in the stomach that created or aggravated my issues. While results with such products vary from person to person, I have found adding this occasionally at known "problem" meals has definitely removed the unwanted after effects for me personally.

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I take these to absorb nutrients better

Publié par Reviewer1557740 le Oct 28, 2011

As a "femme d'un certain age" (48, if you must know), I am assuming that my stomach acid is no longer as strong as it used to be (that's what you read, at least). I take these to try and ensure that I absorb nutrients better and don't waste the good food I make for myself and my family. When I run out of them, I do feel the difference, so I've already re-ordered these several times. I can definitely recommend them, particularly if you are low in magnesium. You need strong stomach acid to absorb magnesium, so I sometimes even take these on an empty stomach (just one capsule) when I take my Dr's Best High Absorption magnesium between meals. With meals which are high in fat and/or protein, I sometimes take two. Oh, and I also like the fact that these also contain the gentian bitters. I sometimes use a liquid bitter and they do help to calm your stomach if you've had a heavy meal. So, five stars for this one, too!!!

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Works great

Publié par Reviewer1022120 le Oct 28, 2010

I have acid reflux and am usually able to control it with healthy eating choices. When I eat white carbs and sugar my reflux flairs and then I take this pill. I have found that you must drink a glass of water to make it work, otherwise it sort of just "sits" in your throat, making things worse. I highly recommend this to people who take tums, this is so much better for you!

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Does wonders for me.

Publié par Reviewer1876891 le Apr 11, 2012

I have trouble digesting most everything, nothing helped, not even digestive enzymes. The very first time I took this product I noticed an immediate improvement with digestion: much less gas, gurgling, and discomfort (taken at the onset of meals for the best effect) and the price is very reasonable. Too it bulks up the stool (especially important if you suffer from IBS), which in turn massages the walls of the colon and picks up old fecal matter that may have got lodged. This product seems to have healed a lot of my stomach problems as GI health has improved dramatically.

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Great formula with Bitters to Stimulate Your Own Stomach Acid Production

Publié par Reviewer2588465 le Aug 01, 2013

Many people with heartburn or GERD don't realize that what they probably have is too little stomach acid resulting from either a mineral deficiency (magnesium is commonly deficient and necessary for proper stomach acid production) OR maybe an H Pylori infection (which is quite common and tends to damage stomach acid producing cells in the stomach - plus they produce an alkaline substance to protect itself from the acid.) I've learned that the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus requires sufficient stomach acid to actually close, allowing what they do have to splash and spill where it isn't wanted! I've been using this stuff as my stomach heals after eradication of a severe H Pylori infection. It takes a while for your stomach to repair itself and resume proper stomach acid production...a long while. But, as I take this stuff, my stomach produces more and more on it's own (provided I get enough magnesium and other trace minerals - which I'm sure to do with the himalayan pink salt I use instead of table salt.)

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Great Digestive Aid

Publié par Reviewer2989945 le Jul 19, 2007

This is the best Betain HCI that I have ever used and I have used many other brands. I think it may be the addition of the gention truly does optimize digestive efficiency. As always, iHerb offers the best price, plus superb customer service.

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Great aid for digestion and reduces reflux

Publié par Reviewer2303411 le Apr 18, 2011

Quick delivery. This definitely helps against bloating, gas and stomach pains after eating. What a relief, strongly recommended for digestive problems.

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Publié par Reviewer1137126 le Aug 23, 2008

We are very satisfied with this product. I used two a meal for a week or so and then could tell I needed to cut down to 1 and my digestion has improved. My husband after a few days said his burping and indigestion had gone down.

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Dr's Best Betaine HCI helps digestion

Publié par Herbarrow le Jul 08, 2011

I suffer from heart arrhythmia, which is partly triggered by GERD. Taking a digestive enzyme with meals has made an enormous difference. Dr's Best is a reliable brand and I highly recommend it.

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Wonderful digestive aid...

Publié par Reviewer1938963 le May 25, 2011

This is a WONDERFUL digestive aid... :) But only if you don't have issues with stomach acid, because this will increase it. I have low stomach acid so it works great for me... :)

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