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Dr recomended

Publié par Reviewer2438926 le Mar 14, 2013

I was recommended HCL in my twenties by my kinesiologist to be taken with protein meals.I never noticed any difference so took them for quite a while and then stopped. Im now 50-I did a metabolic profill with my nutritionist Dr last year- showed up all my nutritional dificiences and gueese what - very low stomach acid and inflamed smll intestines.Did you know that chronicaly high levels of cortisol from having overstimulated "fright ,flight or fight "response ie stress causes the stomach to shut down - who needs to eat when your being chased by scarry tiger(in this day and age its all the modern streesors). So Ineed 5 per meal and still dont feel anything but I will keep taking them becaus your stomach is the hub of your health.I like this combo its the best I found. Tiana Australia

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I feel it helps with my digestion problems.

Publié par Reviewer2295193 le Sep 03, 2012

I used to be hyperthyroid but over medication has caused me to become hypo. Along with it came recurrent infections, yeast, bacteria and parasites as well as very low stomach acid and leaky gut and weightloss. I take this with some of my heavy meals of the day but it does get very expensive for me as I have to take very high doses of 9-12 capsules. So a bottle can last me only at most a week or less. I wish there was a bigger more economical bottle. I am not cured and I don't know for how long I have to take this but it helps without making me miserable after meals.

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Seems to be working!

Publié par Reviewer2607509 le Oct 03, 2011

First of all I like Doctor's Best as a brand and so therefore I trust this is a good product, helps with digestion when I take along with Doctor's Best Digestive Enzymes, we just take one of each with each meal and tremendously helps with bloating and gas.

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Gentian Bitters help

Publié par katmakiah le Feb 24, 2008

I've only been taking for a couple of weeks, but I do think this is helping with my digestion more than HCL and Pepsin alone were.

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Betaine HCl/Pepsin/Gentian

Publié par Reviewer2819736 le Jun 20, 2008

I like this product. I'm still on the fence whether or not it's superior to the NOW Foods product, which happens to be cheaper...

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Great for low HCl

Publié par Reviewer2247886 le Dec 08, 2011

Eliminated digestive problem, specifically burning from low HCl production.

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Publié par Reviewer3061764 le Mar 13, 2012

Works for helping the digestion. Feels effective, serving size 1 capsule seems to be enough for me.

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Publié par Reviewer1770299 le Feb 05, 2009

Good product, fair price.

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Publié par Reviewer2067712 le Feb 20, 2011

good stuff

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Seems good to me

Publié par Reviewer3109250 le Jul 07, 2011

I take one of these with my meals and seem to help low stomach acid.

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