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Sulfur for healthy joints

Publié par Reviewer1171893 le déc. 26, 2007

The American diet is deficient in Sulfur, an essential ingredient for healthy joints. Double blind studies indicate that Glucosamine Chondroitin not only are ineffective but also raise bad cholesterol levels. MSM on the otherhand is safe and effective. I use it for bursitis and am very satisfied.

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It's quality

Publié par Reviewer1063027 le janv. 25, 2009

I have been using MSM for 10 years. Most people with a true deficencey will have a wavey thumb nail. It has taken me 10 years of MSM and my thumb nail is almost healed. My mitral valve prolapse is much better with no more pains in my chest.

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Publié par Reviewer2495812 le mars 28, 2008

I used this product primarily for allergies and it did help a bit. I do have to say this product ended up making my hair grow really really fast. I can't believe how fast I've been having to get haircuts. My dad's been taking this as well and the same thing ended up happening to him. He even had a balding spot that is now covered in hair.

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MSM saves joints

Publié par Reviewer1968599 le mai 21, 2008

Good product at a great price. I use MSM daily and at 80 years of age do not have any joint aches; overused muscles recover in about 24 hours. If I miss MSM 2 days in a row I begin to feel stiffness in my joints.

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Relieved neck pain

Publié par Reviewer2814882 le janv. 01, 2007

I gave a bottle of this to a lady at church who was suffering with unbearable neck pain. She took 2 tablets morning, 2 tablets evening. After 6 days, her pain was gone completely. She is talking to others about it now. This is a wonderful product.

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Very Helpful

Publié par Reviewer3275126 le janv. 23, 2007

I have used this product for a number of problems with better than expected results! We use it for a pain reliever, to maintain healthy skin and organs, and to slow problem hair loss. When I stopped taking it for a month, my skin started to become dry and my hair started to fall out again.

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Publié par Didokitty le oct. 13, 2013

Suitable for vegetarians. A tablet is quite big, luckily it is breakable. I use this to slow problem hair loss. Too early to tell is this working or not. Edit: After six months using MSM and biotin I have to say they work. I will continue with both.

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Essential supplement

Publié par Reviewer1201926 le juil. 16, 2009

Works wonders for sore joints, tendons and ligaments. An absolute must for injury prevention. Since I started stacking with Bromelain, it has helped keep me blissfully-free of injuries for over 18 months. I've also noticed that my hair and nails are healthier looking - and much faster growing!

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good !

Publié par Reviewer1413752 le janv. 24, 2012

i notice a decrease in my hair loss with 1 or two a day, but due the horse size of the pill i point it 4 stars

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Publié par Reviewer3295917 le déc. 04, 2008

These tablets are huge and difficult to swallow!

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