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  • Doctor's Best uses exclusively the Tryptopure brand of Tryptophan, manufactured by Ajinomoto of Japan.
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    Sleeping Better

    Publié par Reviewer1689194 le Oct 17, 2007

    Since I increased my intake of Tryptophan to two caps at night, I've been feeling noticeably better and more energetic during the day!

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    Super Product!

    Publié par Reviewer1139707 le Jul 06, 2008

    After struggling for years with insomnia, I can't believe how well I sleep when I take this along with Melatonin. Now, I did read that Niacin and B-6 help the body assimilate the tryptophan, so I've been also taking one capsule of "True Calm". However, recently, I found that iHerb also carries this brand of tryptophan with the niacin and B-6 already included, so I am planning to try that.

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    Better than sleeping pills.

    Publié par Reviewer2176359 le Nov 27, 2007

    Better than sleeping pills in helping me get to sleep. Don't leave me feeling groggy, even if I take them at 5 a.m. for another couple of hours sleep.

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    Sleep Improvement

    Publié par Reviewer3183324 le Nov 25, 2007

    At age 51, I have had trouble sleeping. I tried taking two of the L-Tryptophans and they worked like a charm. No hangover just solid sleep! Yehaa!

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    Publié par Reviewer3322722 le Nov 16, 2007

    My wife has fibromyalgia. Works really well for sleep and calms the nerves.

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    Publié par Reviewer2393882 le Jul 01, 2008

    I've had trouble sleeping for 35 years. Adding l-tryptophan to the melatonin that I take has enabled me to sleep well every night.

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    Great Stuff !!!

    Publié par Reviewer1217176 le Jan 23, 2009

    When I can't get to sleep I pop one or two of these guys and it's off to dream land. Try it, you won't be sorry. They are safe and very effective with absolutely no side effects.

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    Perfectly Pure

    Publié par Reviewer1946200 le Jan 24, 2007

    This is the exact pharmaceutical quality product as was available only by prescription after the "tryptophan scare," and MUCH less expensive.

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    Great for Anxiety & Sleep!

    Publié par Reviewer3065769 le Oct 17, 2006

    It works best when taken on an empty stomach. I bought it for sleep - which it does work for - however I was surprised to find that it also works really well for anxiety :)

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    Myoclonus relief

    Publié par Reviewer3282504 le Dec 03, 2006

    This is an effective substitute for treating my son's myoclonic jumps versus using a drug such as clonazepam.

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