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Gastric Pain

Publié par RubiesHealth le Jan 21, 2013

Hyaluronic acid is best taken on empty stomach. But gastric pain started to develop after the 3rd day. I stopped and started again, taking only once or twice a week. That bottle dragged on for a long time. I have since moved on to other brands like NOW and NeoCell Collagen with no gastric irritation and fantastic face-firming result.

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no difference after one month

Publié par Reviewer3150549 le Apr 11, 2013

I have not noticed any difference

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Not effective!

Publié par TrueReviews le Nov 15, 2013

I took this supplement to help me with fine lines on my face, and although I took all the bottle I didn't see any improvement. Later while searching I found out that “If you take hyaluronic acid as a supplement, your stomach acid would simply destroy it”. So I switched to topical hyaluronic acid. Nature's Way Hydraplenish is amazing and very much hydrating! Click on my username for more reviews! If you thought that this review was helpful please feel free to press the 'yes' button.

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great product

Publié par 5735530019630868121 le Apr 15, 2013

my skin is more moisturised without feeling greasy

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It works

Publié par Reviewer3087028 le Nov 05, 2012

I bought this stuff for my skin. I don't have joint problems other than general creakiness from being 41. I didn't think it would work but the multiple reviews claiming otherwise convince me to try it. After about 2 weeks, that fast, I noticed my skin looks dewier and my laugh lines (always had them and now they are quite deep) have subsided greatly. My friend who was trying to convice me to try juvederm injections noticed the difference. I only take 1 a day after reading on the internet that a high dosage isn't really needed.

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Publié par Reviewer2834294 le Jun 24, 2010

After taking for 30 days for arthritis in my hands all pain was gone and 100% use of my hands returned. Great stuff

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Publié par 4840630464516505978 le Apr 02, 2013

I've been taking this with silica for general health. For the past year I have noticed the lines around my mouth deepening (I'm 27) and after only 2 weeks they're back to how they were when I was a teenager. I think the fine lines that were developing under my eyes have gone also and my skin has a nicer glow (sadly I still get my monthly zit on my chin). I would recommend this for anyone of any age who is interested in maintaining youthful skin.

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Publié par Reviewer2852404 le Apr 16, 2013

약간 촉촉해지긴하는데,,,너무 미미함. 난 절대 무딘 편이 아님... 사람에 따라 차이가 있나봐여 물론 다른사람 하는대로 나도 콜라겐가루랑 같이 먹었음

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It really works

Publié par Reviewer3332170 le Apr 17, 2013

Taking as directed, love the results! Better nails, skin and hair. Wrinkles on my face are gone after taking for a month.

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Amazing result for skin beauty!!!

Publié par My-Review-Page le Oct 09, 2013

One of my relatives is using this product to stay young. She is amazed at the result. Her skin is softer, smoother and the wrinkles are disappearing. For her skin beauty, she is also taking WHOLEFOOD vitamin C (Product Number: GOL-11655) which increases production of both hyaluronic acid and collagen in skin.

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