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Good but can be better as well!

Publié par Supplementsdiy le Nov 17, 2013

Collagen is basically protein required to maintain and hold various structures of our body. It is most commonly found in our skin. This product provides the breakdown of collagen – the amino acids to aid absorption (normal collagen is too big to be absorbed). Price is also very competitive. Personal experience – Though it claims to have “pleasant and mild taste”, it is more of a neutral taste. You can simply mix with anything and it will just dilute the taste of whatever you mix with. It’s a quite gritty but mix very well with a blender bottle. It’s best recommended to be taken with Vitamin C and both has to work together in order to achieve desired results. You will notice that your skin gets smoother, younger, elastic and softer after a while! It feels as if your skin gets ironed out. Though collagen is also found in joints, I find that it is not very effective as a standalone (seem to work well with hyaluronic acid according to others) or compared to glucosamine. I have also noted that the quality of your skin will revert slowly back to your old self if you stop taking it for a period of time. It is also important to take this on empty stomach and away from other protein powder as your body can only absorb limit amount of amino acids at the same time. For females who want to improve your skin quality, this works much better than those chemical facial creams, moisturizers can even do. The price is much lower than its competitor on iherb, neocell. However, those who have tried both tends to stick to neocell. I will probably try neocell someday. Check out my page for more reviews!

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mixes easy, tastes ok and better to take than capsules

Publié par Reviewer3081762 le May 29, 2011

I have been impressed so far with this supplement though haven't been taking it too long. No knee pain (which was regular) since mixing this powder into a glass of water once a day. One pot lasts for one month which is quite reasonable.

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Good for my skin

Publié par MGG-ThreeTwoFour le Jan 11, 2014

I can see the difference for my first bottle. Please also visit my page for more reviews, especially for new customers to iHerb.

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Publié par Reviewer3085463 le Jul 09, 2011

Read the reviews of others and wanted to try this for my knees. It really has helped! In just a week's time! I took the advice and used it with the Hyaluronic acid as someone recommended. I never give comments, but b/c other's comments helped me, I am sharing my results.

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Great stuff

Publié par Reviewer2598200 le Feb 05, 2016

My naturopath recommended this in conjunction with turmeric and zinc and magnesium for a chronic arthritic condition in my spine. Over time the pain and limitation of movement have subsided. After running out of Collagen for a couple of weeks I have noticed the pain returning. Now I know how much this has been helping me out in conjunction with other supplements.

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Publié par Reviewer3296381 le Dec 24, 2011

I noticed a difference in my hair in the first week, using the formula, but I hate the smell and taste after dissolving in water, and a glass of cold water after to make it better. I drink with hyaluronic acid.

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Publié par NikiMon le Jun 10, 2015

Bought this to mix with rose water to blend a mask for my pregnant belly Smells awful but dld it's job No idea how ppl drink it?

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Publié par Reviewer1005822 le Jan 05, 2011

it has a scoop in it, so it's convenient to take. its texture was not that good, though! ;)

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Publié par Reviewer1396234 le Oct 01, 2009

I notice the difference on my hair in the first week of using the formula, but I do totally hate the smell and after taste, now dissolving in warm water and a cold water glass after make it better.

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Prefer Neocell's

Publié par Reviewer2093487 le Oct 20, 2009

I bought this because the Neocell's one was OOS when I was ordering. The description is pretty much the same as Neocell's, so I'm assuming that they have the same supplier. The difference between the two is that this has added vitamin C, which makes it taste different. I usually drink it with carrot juice and I can detect the difference in taste of the juice when I use this whereas the Neocell's does not affect the taste of the juice. The added vitamin C does make it more convenient so that I won't have to take a separate supplement but I still prefer Neocell's.

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