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Amazing product

Publié par Eaven85 le Jun 11, 2012

This is a very good product. I have noticed dramatic difference to my skin and nails after having taken it for a month. I am using it together with Hyaluronic Acid.

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Good Product....Big Size ($10 OFF ANY Purchase today, see coupon in my profile)

Publié par HerbalGarden le May 05, 2013

Works well though these are only 500mg and not 1000 mg like most others. Use my coupon code, found in my profile, for $10 off and free shipping on any new purchase today.

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Exellent product

Publié par 5050968036455382867 le Jan 02, 2014

Simple collagen without any additional things. You can see the result on your skin in a few days. It is good for joints also

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Good food

Publié par 5692822264336218024 le Jan 14, 2014

my help, skin and hair were better

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So far so good!

Publié par Reviewer3213655 le Jun 21, 2014

I have been taking this product for my knee - I have osteoarthritis, but after two weeks at half the dose (2 pills twice a day) only my fine lines have improved. Almost completely filled in. I plan to try a full dose regimen of 4 pills twice a day soon. I want to build up just in case it interacts with my prescription medications. But I am happy that it is making skin look more youthful.

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Publié par Northernlights le Jul 05, 2013

I think the price is reasonable and the capsule size is not big, easy to swallow. I tried this for 2 weeks, unfortunately it made it me break out not only on my back and chest but also on my neck as well. I stopped taking it, have gone back to Neocell Super C. It seems to have great reviews so I guess it’s just my finicky skin.

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Better than Neocell Super C type 1 & 3

Publié par 5431718151715810834 le May 14, 2016

Having been taking 3 weeks, I found my skin is firmer & bounding! Yet both Dr Best and Neocell Super C collagen type 1 & 3 brought me the size effects of  stomach bloatedness (i alr added vit c to help for digestion) and lose appetite.   However,  I prefer Dr Best than Neocell, though DB's result may be slightly slower than Neocell,  yet still saw my skin better.  Neocell's, u may see the result within few days YET it made me very ill, fatigued n weak after taking 2 weeks -  I got serious headache, fat face, hard to  breath,..etc.. (u may see my review on Neocell) until I was very scared,  I stopped it at once and threw away 2 bottles of Neocell (another bottle for my sis)   I am not against Neocell's!  why I tried Neocell first becos I read many good reviews abt this brand,  however, it didn't work on me and caused me to fear, I believe it's the "sulfite" in their collagen that's caused me all these scary side effects!  Now I m still on Dr Best, I only felt stomach upset n lose appetite,  but as long aa it is disgusted (aft 30-45mins),   my stomach will be back to normal.  As for skin, yes, saw improvement. I will update more aft finished one bottle. However, I may go back to Japanese fish collagen which gave me no side effects.  You may surprise the most obvious result that i saw n experienced my skin improvement is not collagen but Phytoceramides. (u may see my review on this). 

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I love it

Publié par 5635646211706401828 le Mar 25, 2016

The fact is not a

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Best Collagen

Publié par 4886080298005122386 le Aug 17, 2016

Very good product - it helps skin to be smoother, nails are harder - my wife is very satisfied

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Publié par 4743040714636949331 le Sep 15, 2014


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