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Best Collagen, types I and III

Publié par 4848734342951828005 le déc. 24, 2014

I've suffered pain in my knees, fingers, lower back and wrists. Sometimes pain in my knees and fingers was so bad, that it kept me awake for hours at nights. When I first started taking collagen, it seemed to increase the pain, all problem joints started acking even more, but I read in others' reviews that it may happen and that I shouldn't drop taking it. So I continued and improvements came in a couple of weeks. Now my knees, fingers and lower back are totally free from pain and I plan to continue taking this product for the rest of my life. REally recommend it to anyone with joints issues. If my review was helpful, please press Yes below.

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Great For Your Skin

Publié par Reviewer1800343 le août 03, 2011

NO KIDDING!!!! My face looks and is so much smoother and I think younger looking -- I can see my wrinkles are very much less noticeable. I take this with Hyaluronic Acid with Chondroitin Sulfate (Collagen Type II). Only, do not take them together -- I take this product in the morning and the Hyaluronic Acid with Chondroitin Sulfate with my evening meal. I am hoping that these 2 products will help me to "absorb" the xtra saggy skin as I shed 100 or so pounds -- wish me luck.

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bad and good

Publié par Reviewer1622002 le mars 16, 2012

i've been using dr's best hyaluronic acid with collagen 2 for a year, and had great results with skin hydration and help with creaky joints. so i tried this one, and did notice increased skin softness in a short time. however, i realized within a few weeks that the unusually severe acne i was experiencing was caused by this product. i read several reviews for the neocell brand where others experienced the same side effect, and had forgotten about it. so once that light went on in my head, i quit taking it immediately and saw the acne improve within a week. so, yes it worked, but no i can't use it.

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Tennis Elbow is gone !

Publié par Reviewer1603748 le févr. 09, 2012

My pain was about 7.5 and even after 3 months of inactivity was about a 5.5 . I began taking this Collagen 1 & 3 and the pain was gone in 44 days . I even returned back to full use of it in sports after about 30 days . The tendons and ligaments in my hands and knees are stonger , making my stength training much easier and without discomfort . I'm 60 years old .

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Skin & bone specialty

Publié par Reviewer1783100 le janv. 13, 2011

For a long time I have used iHerb for my Doctor's Best Collagen types 1 & 3, and many other health products that I swear by. They have all helped me to attain 83 years of age, successfully, by selecting my most important health product needs from iHerb the best supplier I know.

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Working in 4 days for my knees

Publié par Reviewer3309223 le nov. 07, 2010

I am 45 and have arthritis in both knees. I have only been using for 4 days (took 3 weeks to get to NZ)and already notice a big difference. The swelling has reduced and the joint pain also. I have tried all the usual products - MSM, condroitin, glucosamine, fish oil with no success but this seems to be making a difference

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Doctor's Best, Best Collagen types 1 & 3

Publié par Reviewer1947628 le avr. 06, 2010

I love this product--no muscle cramps at night since I've been using it--with quick results. I'm not an arthritis sufferer, but I use it for muscles, bones, and overall organ health, and am seeing improvements.

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Publié par Reviewer1138264 le sept. 04, 2012

Since taking Best Collagen Types 1 & 3 I have noticed my back problems are gone. I am 51 and started gardening again, mowing lawns, cutting trees and my back is ok. This is the only change I have made and I usually just take 3 when I wake up and my stomach is empty...All I can say is thank goodness it isn't more expensive because on my salary...subway is a treat! Thanks iherb for offering it and Doctors Best for making such a quality product available at such an affordable price!

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Got it for my girlfriend whom has this slow nal growth sympton. Nail now Grows at a much faster rate!

Publié par MyPersonalReview le févr. 20, 2014

Pill form works as well as powder form :) Got it for my girlfriend whom has this slow nal growth symptom(Had been researching extensively for an improvement on it and finally find this is the one that may help help and YES, IT DID). Nail Grows at a much faster rate!. Gave it to my Girlfried whom having thinning hair. I had tried NOW Biotin alone but it only helps to grow help at a faster time though Maxihair speed it faster than just using Now Biotin alone. And with this Added-on, It is a Best Combo to the MAX. Do click my username NOW!!!!!! and view my page in Iherb NOW!!!! to see ALL the reviews I have written of those purchased products I ordered in Iherb. ( It may takes days to months before I write the review as I need to try them thoroughly ensuring the preciseness and accurate experience taking in comparison to the thousands of page of research papers I have read which is the main reason leading me to buy the product from Iherb because simply, I want to contribute myself in this humanity world. ======================================================================================================= Click my nick ▲ at the top of this review (blue text) to visit my profile and learn more, thanks! ======================================================================================================= has become my favorite place to shop supplements, and I'm not alone, because iHerb has been named #1 online supplement store by the last 6 years in a row! I've been using them for quite some time, and there have never been any problems whatsoever. For customers from outside USA (like me) I recommend the delivery option "Global Priority Mail by DHL". It is incredibly cheap at just 4$, and I always receive the goods here within 6-8 days. Please also note that chances are high that you will NOT pay any additional custom duties and taxes, when "Global Priority Mail by DHL" is used. ======================================================================================================= I spend a lot of time writing reviews, so if you found this one helpful, please let me know by clicking the “helpful”-button below the review. Also please click my nick ▲ at the top of this review (blue text) to visit my profile and learn more, thanks!

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Helps with back pain

Publié par Reviewer3017514 le avr. 05, 2011

I have a bad back and collagen helps to keep me from pain, my family members have also tried it and are surprised with how much better they feel. Also keeps my skin looking better and my hair looks thicker.

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