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Dastony Hazelnut Butter

Publié par Reviewer2678675 le Jan 25, 2014

Love this stuff! My new addiction. Wish it came in larger jars. I've always loved the taste of hazelnuts, and it's been hard to find hazelnut butter. Always before I've gotten the roasted kind, but this is better. Be prepared for its thin consistency, which is fine with me, but wouldn't work if you're planning to spread it in a thick layer like you could with almond or peanut butter.

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Extremely smooth

Publié par 4929416243856968489 le Jan 29, 2014

Stone grinding makes this butter extremely smooth - and thin. Compared to almond butter, the mouthfeel is much less chalky. The hazelnut taste is quite intense, borderline bitter, probably because of ground skins, but acceptable if you spread it thin.

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Runny consistency

Publié par 5530458417621484716 le Jul 29, 2015

The flavour is pleasant and fresh, but the consistency is unusually runny for a nut butter. I wonder if they mixed water into it. It runs even when I scoop it out with a spoon; let me not even try with a butter knife cos I don't get anything if I do! And when I put it on my rice cakes, it flows all over and makes a mess. I'd had good experiences with iHerb products thus far. It's not easy finding a hazelnut butter without chocolate and the flavour is fine. So I'd buy this again if the consistency was right.

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Publié par 5241031409592753489 le Jun 19, 2016

wish the jar was twice as big

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Delicious enough to tempt

Publié par 5275592479105129619 le Aug 06, 2016

This was so good that I'm not sure I would buy again - ate it way too fast!!

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Best hazelnut butter!

Publié par MaryanaLishman le Aug 07, 2014

I am a HUGE fan of the Dastony brand, as well as stone ground nut butters in general. They're much smoother with a more intense flavour and for me, far more versatile. I add this to chocolate avocado mousse and it's quite frankly, incredible. It would also go well in smoothies etc. Seriously in love with it.

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Publié par 5243703113936666713 le Sep 09, 2014

not very creamy but taste like the real thing (i.e. mashed up hazelnuts and not "creamy" unhealthy hydrogenated oils); it's best in smoothies or on biscuits. Probably great to bake with too, will try that next.

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Publié par 5122422445630726389 le Sep 12, 2014

I ordered a few items and im in Australia I got my product in 4 days I was highly impressed with how fast it came from America I will definitely be ordering again soon from ..some elf products next I think :) Thankyou for the great service Tastes thick and very much like hazelnut grounded in a thick yet smooth consistency im taking for extra biotin for heathy hair skin and nails I look forward to making pancakes too

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It has a good taste

Publié par AnkaMaria07 le Nov 17, 2014

I like the taste of this and I like that the oil doesn't separate. You can make your own healty chocolate by adding cocoa and honey or stevia.

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High Fat, High Calorie, Good on Cookies

Publié par 4983149196640897860 le Jan 19, 2015

I consider this a natural topping for cookies or ice cream.

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