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One of the most important supplements anyone can take

Publié par NBPT100 le Apr 16, 2013

Dr. Oz says that if he could only take one supplement this would be it. Omega 3 Fish Oils. Good for your heart, brain, joints, digestive track. And probably more. I like the Carlson brand as they are very carefull about heavy metal contamination and freshness. Don't buy a huge amount at anytime as they are susceptable to going rancid. You can also keep them in the fridge to help extend self life. iherb is very good about always having fresh product so keep that in mind when buying oils. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iHerb home page by clicking on my handle name above. There you can read my other value added reviews. Peace and good health.

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Publié par 5665182795344852122 le Dec 20, 2013

I take 2-3 caps once a day, sometimes twice, with a meal. This stuff is great. How can you tell if it works? You will feel serene (calm and unbeatable) for a good couple of hours ~6 after that. Depressing things won't feel so bad. If you don't feel the effect, then try adjusting/upping the dose or try other brands to see which ones works for you. So far i have tried Now & Madre Labs brands but this has, by far, the most profound effect on me yet. Bonus would be no fishy burp and good ratio of DHA/EPA & value for money for its quality. And if you are interested, try adding Uridine to the mix (google Mr Happy Stack); you will be initiated :-D

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One of the Best Essential Omega 3 supplement! no Rancid,no smell & well balanced EPA/DHA! are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

Publié par PracticalReviews le Oct 19, 2013

i think this is by far the best value for money Fish Oil Omega 3 on iHerb,reputable company,no fishy smell and a well balanced formula,i take 2 of these a day to cover my Essential need for Omega's.Omega 3 is not a "HYPE" of the moment,both Omega 3 & 6 is really a necessity and highly essential because our body cannot manufacture these on its own.luckily Omega 6 is all around us in Foods but you can't say the same about omega 3 which we lack,espacially in western diet.i also try to take omega3 from vegetarian sources every day from Flax seeds,Hemp or Chia which i believe not less important that fish oil and covers the body needs,and a great source of Omega3 for Vegans are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

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Excellent oils!

Publié par lovelyBunny le Aug 10, 2014

I bought this to help lower my cholesterol, and although it's just been a few weeks, I'm very happy with this product. There is virtually no fish taste with maybe a slight hint of fish if you burp, but even that doesn't occur often enough to even notice. Will definitely be buying again! Carlson says on the bottle they check for PCBs and with the extra 30 gels, this is a good deal.

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Curious why all the other reviews are so glowing

Publié par Reviewer2715918 le Jan 19, 2012

I'm already a believer in fish oil supplements, and I'm sure the Carlson soft gels will work just fine for what I take them for, but I have to say, they DO cause fishy tasting burps (even when you take it with food as directed), and the gel caps DO smell a little fishy when you open the bottle. I was expecting a far superior product to the Nordic Naturals I had been taking, but I'd actually rank them a little lower overall because of these issues. Oh, well, lesson learned. Buyer beware.

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great fish oil

Publié par Reviewer2323098 le Mar 16, 2010

if you google, you´ll find out that carlson omega 3 is one of the best omega 3 brands out there. No fish after taste, no fishy burps, and totally free of contamination. Price is good also.

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Carlson, Super Omeaga-3 Fish Oil

Publié par Reviewer3255196 le Oct 12, 2007

Great product. No fishy aftertaste.

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Omega 3

Publié par Reviewer2611115 le Feb 15, 2009

OK. But best price for this product is Costco.

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Carlson Fish Oil

Publié par Reviewer2089964 le Apr 14, 2011

My husband and I have been taking this product for over 7 years and we would not be without it. More energy and we have notice that we both have an over all better mood. My husband heart physician tells him to never be without the Carlson Fish Oil, has improved his heart health! Thank you and Good Health to you!

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like salmon oil better

Publié par Reviewer1203200 le Dec 22, 2008

Nothing wrong with these - Carlson is a good brand. But I prefer the Salmon Oil. I noticed that when I take the Salmon Oil, my skin needs very little body lotion but when I took these Omega-3 Fish oil caps, within a week, my skin seemed to be dryer.

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