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Containing SUGAR

Publié par 4632625481785164648 le May 09, 2013

The taste is good. It is salty but not sweet that much. But it still contains SUGAR, which means that it is not that much healthy. I kinda liked this but I am not gonna reorder because of SUGAR.

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would be better without sugar

Publié par nzreviewer le Sep 20, 2012

bought this because I wanted to try a recipe that asked for it, but am not really a fan of sugar in peanut butter!

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Publié par vivianafabregatf le Dec 16, 2012

Me cuesta prepararlo aunque reconozco que el sabor es bueno

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Publié par 5577575566235324707 le Feb 22, 2013

The taste is not the same as a real PB but it's good and it's easier to put in cake.

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Taste god

Publié par LivKarinNorway le Nov 26, 2012

But my yougurt tast better without. I have a hard time finding food that its fit together with.

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If you really like pb, DON'T buy it!

Publié par 5336037723092875618 le May 25, 2015

It's a good low calorie alternative for peanut butter, but the taste isn't very real, because it has other ingredients besides the peanuts (sweeteners). Is very useful in low carb recipes too, and making sauces or mugcakes. But I think natural plain PB is way healthier than this product.

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Hmm, Nope

Publié par 5195126391301045577 le Jun 10, 2016

I was hopeful about this product seeing how popular it seems to be- always sold out and about 10 billion blogs/websites boasting how great it is. Can't say I was that impressed. When I made it as a peanut butter substitute (spread on toast) the consistency was good but the flavour was blah. It tasted like bad reduced fat peanut butter...apparently the flavour is in the oil! I also tried it again in a muffin mix and can honestly say it made no impact on the flavour at all- there wasn't even a hint of peanut taste. So I suppose it's great for peanut butter addicts who need to portion control or are really worried about the fat content- I suppose it does it's job but only in the way that ALL substitutes do: at best it's a poor imitation. Happy to be convinced otherwise if someone has an absolutely banging recipe/use though!

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yes... mm

Publié par 5140094453061397259 le Aug 03, 2016

Yes i like it, but i really think it will be JUST like the real peanutbutter, but its more "false" tasty, BUT its also good. !

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A little too dry

Publié par 4909434735083308549 le Aug 18, 2016

It's significantly lower in calories and fat but it's a little too dry for me. But it's good in shakes!

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Great for smoothies

Publié par 5504029638790192137 le Sep 26, 2015

This is good for the P96 protein drinks that I sell to have different flavors.

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