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another cream that is just as good

Publié par dingdongtwid le Oct 25, 2014

bought this for my friend whose baby is suffering quite frequent eczema. she said she likes the smell and it's light enough to moisturize dry skin.

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Well. Хорошо.

Publié par Ludviga le Aug 27, 2012

It is applied at eczema and psoriasis. Removes any sort of reddening and a peeling for the second days. It was bought for the daughter. Helped at the unclear rash similar to allergic manifestations. Применяется при экземе и псориазе. Снимает любого рода покраснения и шелушения уже на вторые сутки. Покупался для дочери. Помогал при непонятной сыпи, похожей на аллергические проявления.

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like it for mysellf

Publié par Reviewer3004807 le May 08, 2012

my hands are very dry, itchy and irritated and I like this cream! delicate and effective. my skin looks and feels better with it! Will buy again.

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My girl liked this

Publié par SassySingaporean le Oct 10, 2013

My girl had a serious flare up of eczema recently and I ordered this as I didn't want her to use any chemical formulations as much as possible. She really liked this cream as she said it was sufficiently moisturising and gentle. It stung a bit when her skin was raw but was okay to use when it started to dry up. This was highly rated on EWG. Ordering more of it.

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Effective skin protection

Publié par zoeblessing le May 23, 2013

I suffer from severe eczema on my feet and have tried numerous products. NOTHING stops the crazy itching, not even this cream, but so far this has proven to be the most effective at keeping the skin moisturized. The only thing that helps me at least manage the itch is Claratin (or in my case, store brand Loratadine). All the other eczema remedies I've tried, my skin would be dry again in 10 minutes. This one lasts much, much longer, and definitely soothes the discomfort. It helps the itch a tiny bit, so that's something too. I've started to notice that flareups would occur when I eat cake or some other sugar-laden food, so I am going to try cutting that out for a week and see if that helps. Eczema is a result of an inflamed body, so sugar and wheat could be causing my inflammation. In the meantime, I will continue to use this cream to help manage the problem. I love that it's mostly natural.

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Good..good..really good!!

Publié par Marvika le May 10, 2012

Really good .. dry spots on child's cheeks have disappeared. Recommend!

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It works very well

Publié par 5177185843692013463 le Dec 11, 2015

My daughter has eczema. after using this cream. I notice the result. her skin is better than before. Will buy again.

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Publié par 5097228048547479885 le Jun 18, 2014

This cream really worked to help heal eczema on my hands and elbows. Within a day my skin felt better and the symtoms started disappearing. It has a soft scent that's not overpowering and it sinks into the skin quite fast. It's not too small but small enough to throw into a bag to take it on the go. I will keep ordering this for the rest of my life.

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Publié par Reviewer1082736 le May 04, 2012

good moisturiser,i even use it for my hands and after this cream hands are soft :)

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this one very good

Publié par 5702083983222486435 le May 03, 2016

good cream

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