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  • Due to this item's ingredients, FAA regulations require additional packaging resulting in a higher cost than similar items.

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    Hair loss.

    Publié par Asfodeil le Apr 19, 2013

    As you may know bay essential oil is one of the best products for hair. It make them shine and improves the growth by ameliorating blood circulation. Yes, it has got a very strong aroma, some people complain about head ache, also you've got to be careful and try it on your hand firstly: maybe you will get allergy reaction. I make oil pre-washing hair mask: any of neutral oil (coconut, avocado, sesame, macadamia, shea - whatever you have) and some drops of bay oil. I add 1 drop for 1 tb sp of neutral oil. After, you've got to warm this blend some more, take the vessel and put it in a boiling water. Now you should apply it on your hair and scalp. Use polyethylene film to keep your hair in warmness (I use blanket on film too). Relax for at least 1 hour (I got 3 or more), then take the blanket away and warm your hair under polyethylene film with hair dryer (5-10 minutes should be enough) and then wash this mask away. As a result my hair become so smooth and shiny I've never seen before. Also as a benefit I reduced my hair loss and got new hair all over the head.

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    Publié par Reviewer2746174 le Dec 05, 2011

    really helps against hairloss, will order again.

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    Publié par Reviewer2092252 le Mar 13, 2012

    The smell very strong, smells as soup. But this oil very useful to hair. The bottle is very well closed

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    oil for hair

    Publié par Reviewer2275852 le Mar 06, 2012

    This oil was purchased that would strengthen the hair roots. For some applications, I see that the hair actually became stronger, less falling out.

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    Publié par Keitha le Jul 01, 2012

    Good for hair growth

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    the best hair stimulating product on the market

    Publié par ksju84 le Jan 13, 2014

    this oil is the best hair stimulating product on the market, before washing your head just add a few drops of bay oil to the base oil like grapeseed, apricot, almond, avocado or any other that you have, put it on your scalp and leave for several hours, then wash your head, the smell is strong but not terrible, the results are very good so it's worth it, the hair is growing fast!

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    Publié par Strelka le Apr 24, 2015

    Super eļļa matu augšanas maskām. Lauru eļļa ādas kopšanā ir piemērota problemātiskas ādas kopšanai - tā ir antibakteriāla, ar pret iekaisuma un antioksidanta īpašībām, iedarbojas attīroši, tonizējoši un savelkoši, mīkstina un baro, veicina ādas sīko brūcīšu sadzīšanu, mazina apsārtumu un iekaisuma procesus ādā, nomierina un dziedē. Lauru eļļa būs īpaši piemērota ādai ar dermatītiem, ekzēmām, akni un noslieci uz poru aizsprostojumiem, iekaisumiem, izsitumiem. Šī eļļa masāžas maisījumu sastāvā mazinās muskuļu sāpes. Matu kopšanā lauru eļļa ir īpaši piemērota taukainai galvas ādai, pret blaugznām, matu augšanas stimulēšanai un matu elastības un mirdzuma atjaunošanai. Lauru eļļai piemīt arī pretinsektu iedarbība, tādēļ tā piemērota pretutu līdzekļiem.

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    Bay essential oil

    Publié par AlanaDesign le Apr 12, 2013

    Its help again hairloss, I just add few drops to my hair mask from jojoba and/or coconut oil. About smell - well, lets say its not for everybody likes... I'm personally don't like smell, but I like results, so will continue to use it.

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    Aura Cacia, Bay, Animating

    Publié par Reviewer3135878 le Dec 25, 2011

    My favorite oil for my hairs it really work!

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    Great for your hair :)

    Publié par 4963279444183123189 le Dec 14, 2012

    The oil has a bit strong scent for me but i like the result on my hair.

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