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life saving product seriously.

Publié par Reviewer1988592 le Jan 15, 2012

this is a life saving product for people who dehydrate a lot or for those who drink too much water lose a lot of electrolytes helps avoid trips to the hospital from dizziness, coughing, vomiting and collapsing and very quick recovery with this 3X potent electrolyte version as oposed to other emergen's products

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Great to Alkalanize and relieve Lyme disease symptoms

Publié par Reviewer2234145 le Jul 21, 2009

It helps me relieve my lyme disease symptoms, Concentrace minerals also work great to relive symtoms

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Drink it every morning

Publié par Reviewer1331672 le Aug 29, 2010

I live in a dry climate, and especially in the summer it is essential to stay hydrated here. I've found that if I start the day with a 16 oz glass of water with a pack of Electro Mix I feel so much better all day long. I start the day with the water and minerals my body needs to function at its best. I can definitely feel a difference in my energy level, and it is so much easier to stay hydrated during the day when I start off this way. Several great things about the Electro Mix as opposed to the Emergen-C: No sugar added, I use stevia to enhance the taste; all the minerals needed for hydration without the large dose of vitamin C, which I don't think the body needs every day, especially eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. I highly recommend this product.

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Better Than Gattorade

Publié par Reviewer2240367 le Oct 27, 2009

I work out at the gym. There are times I feel weak and I know it's my electrolytes. After taking a drink with these I feel energized and no weakness. If I don't take it in 2 days, I feel the weakness occurs again. Better than gatorade and cheaper. Thanks iHerb. I recommend this to all who exercise and sweat alot. IT WORKS!

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great for hot active days.

Publié par Reviewer2992101 le Nov 09, 2009

I have stopped getting cramps and have more energy on the days of golf and biking in Aug. in Florida

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Alacer ElectroMix

Publié par Reviewer2253135 le Dec 26, 2009


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Alcer, ElectroMix

Publié par Reviewer2342276 le Jan 01, 2010

Very fast service!!! Great!

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Publié par Reviewer2620920 le Jan 29, 2010

I use Electromix almost daily and have found it stops my Restless Leg Syndrom, for which I am very grateful. I give it 5 stars.

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Great product; easy to carry

Publié par Reviewer1828328 le Jul 02, 2010

Love this replenishment drink. Not very sweet, but good with stevia. Love that "a case" of ElectroMix doesn't take up any room at all in the pantry! Makes it easy to keep lots on hand!!

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when you are hot

Publié par Reviewer1142622 le Aug 01, 2010

excellent thirst quencher after a work out. sugary drinks don't work. It does taste like Alka-seltzer but adding a little lemon makes it even better. Excellent!! Give it a try.

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