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    My cats actually eat it

    Publié par Reviewer2981997 le Aug 24, 2011

    The doctor prescribed this for my ageing cats. The tablets are huge, but I crush them and mix the powder into their food.

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    Bit impractical but helps

    Publié par Naturopath le Aug 21, 2011

    Says on the label chewable tablets, but advises you to crush, you really need a mortar and pestle to do this - should be a powder for pet use. Also mentions ginger & devils claw as ingredients but these are just for consumer appeal as no therapeutic dosages are listed. Starting to help though.

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    Cat loves it

    Publié par Reviewer1452756 le Apr 17, 2012

    My cat loves this stuff and seems to be doing well. She has a back injury caused by a jumping accident back when she was fat and can be in quite some pain on bad days. She seems to benefit from these or at least she's doing quite well. I give these in conjunction with an organic raw meat & bones diet, keltic sea salt, chlorella, some butter, cod liver oil and some iodine weekly. On that diet she lost three kilos and got beautiful fur and good mood. The biggest step was to throw out the dry food full of grains, sugar and other carbs and cheap unhealthy salts and proteins. By the way, I don't crush the tablets but just give them as candy treats and she loves it.

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    Good, but is very big

    Publié par Reviewer1891763 le Dec 08, 2014

    I have to cut this tablet up and mix it into my cat's food. He will not eat it just like that. Apart from that, it's a good product.My cat is 17 years old and had been having trouble going down the stairs, but is much better now.

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    Large pills

    Publié par 4758539952498521834 le May 12, 2014

    Large pills and very hard to crush up

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    not chewable

    Publié par 5308975369359230027 le Jul 15, 2016

    this is not chewable. it is a very large, very hard tablet. i have 6 cats and NONE of them would even lick it. my old cat will not eat it at all, even crushed in his food. i would advise against buying this product

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    Hugo love it

    Publié par Reviewer2126040 le May 15, 2014

    Hugo was a huge blue cat hes almost 20 lbs ,becasue of his weight i need to buy a joint product to him & he love this so much hes always ask me to gave him to eat.

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    didnt get it

    Publié par 5295822833459097703 le Jan 22, 2014

    Never got the it

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    Large pills

    Publié par 5011851768021598378 le May 02, 2014

    Pills are quite large for my kitten

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    I haven't tried it yet, l'll prefer to rate it later.

    Publié par 5173408561947886786 le Apr 08, 2015

    I haven't tried it yet. thus I prefer to rate it later.

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