The Importance of Charitable Giving

iHerb is committed to helping great causes worldwide. Just as we strive to offer the best value for all our online products, we seek to find and fund the best opportunities for donations – the ones that make a lasting difference.

For a number of years, iHerb has focused on supporting the needs of children in the country of Cambodia.

Through our monthly donations, iHerb support has resulted in the assistance of thousands of underprivileged children with food, education and housing.  The group iHerb has historically supported is called New Hope Cambodia.

In September 2014, iHerb expanded our charitable efforts by initiating a relationship with the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF). The life-changing work provided by its founder Scott Neeson and the entire CCF team simply astounded us. CCF is also rated 4 star by Charity Navigator.  For this reason, beginning in December 2014, the iHerb Charitable Foundation will donate $10 to the Cambodian Children’s Fund for every new iHerb customer attributed to the CCF.  As part of this relationship, iHerb has guaranteed a financial commitment to the Cambodian Children’s Fund of a minimum of $240,000 in 2015.

Would You Like to Help Cambodian Children’s Fund? You can by simply forwarding the following URL to people you know and introduce them to the best overall value in the world for natural products.

Simply cut and paste the above link, and email it to as many people you know; Or post it to your Facebook, Twittter, or other social media accounts. Through the unique rewards code “ccf777”, this URL is linked to our rewards program.

If we receive more than 2000 new customers per months through this link, we will add the difference to our monthly contribution commitment. So, for example, if we get 2500 or more new customers per month, we will pay CCF $25000.00 (2500 times $10.00) instead of $20000.00.

Other contributions by iHerb: Since 2011, we have been donating $6000.00 per month to an orphanage in Ecuador. In 2011 we donated $166,808.00 towards Famine Relief in Somalia. In 2010 we $112,920.00 towards Earthquake relief in Haiti.

If you are not certain of a specific charity, consider using This organization evaluates over 7,000 charities to help you learn about how they spend your financial gifts.