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iHerb VIP Information

Join our exclusive VIP program and start saving money today!

Becoming an iHerb VIP is easy and does not involve a special signup process. However, there is minimum spend requirement of $2,000. Once this threshold is met, your account will automatically be upgraded to VIP status!

Once you become a VIP, you will join thousands of iHerb VIP customers currently benefiting the following across-the-board discounts:

VIP Discount Structure

  • - 5% off any order less than $40.00
  • - 10% off any order of $40.00 to $119.99
  • - 12% off any order of $120.00 to $239.99
  • - 14% off any order of $240.00 or more

You will see your extra VIP discount at checkout, after signing in to your iHerb account.

(Please note that due to Airmail restrictions, discounts from 8% to 14% may not be available to all international customers)