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Coenzyme Q10

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" ..Coenzyme Q10 the spark plug of the human body: Just as a car can’t run without that initial spark, the human body can’t get going without CoQ10....It offers benefits in so many health conditions that there’s no question it should be considered an essential nutrient... Heart and vascular diseases, including high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, require increased tissue levels of CoQ10. In addition, because CoQ10 levels decline with age, people over 50 may need more. Studies have shown a number of drugs (most notably lipid-lowering agents, like statins) decrease CoQ10 levels.." Dr. Murray Read the entire article.

" ...Coenzyme Q10.... improves use of oxygen at the cellular level, particularly in heart muscle cells. I recommend coenzyme Q10 to anyone concerned about heart health, and I take 120 mg daily myself. CoQ10 helps protect LDL ("bad") cholesterol from oxidation, maintains healthy blood vessels, reduces the risk of plaque rupture and supports optimal functioning of the heart muscle. There is also some evidence that CoQ10 can help lower blood pressure. Anyone taking statins to lower cholesterol should take 60 to 90 mg daily because the drugs suppress production of CoQ10 as well as cholesterol. (Low CoQ10 levels in patients on statins can contribute to the common side effects of fatigue and aching joints and muscles.)... " Dr Weil Read the entire article.

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